Name: Daniel Wright

Position: Owner

From: Amherst, VA

About: I am an Army Veteran and was stationed at Fort Myer in Washington D.C. I am now married and live in Goode, VA. My hobby and passion is construction, I love getting to know customers and delivering high quality workmanship. Spending time with my family is what I enjoy doing most in my free time.

Name: John Wright

Position: Leader

From: Amherst, VA

About: Prior to working with Wright Choice Construction, I was a sergeant in the US Marine Corps. During my time in the Marines I had experience with OSHA and received a HAZMAT certification. Like my brother Daniel, I was born and raised doing construction with my dad. In my off time I enjoy physical activity, including going to the gym, backpacking, and camping. I joined Wright Choice Construction early in 2017, and it has given me financial stability and lifelong friends.